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We have developed UI&UX for more than 10 Enterprise level solutions ranging from employee centric to customer centric

Project Name Paykraft


This was most comprehensive project as it included both web & mobile UI/UX design for over 200 screens. It includes Learning and Development Expences management in addition to HRMS.

Project Name Bingo CRM


This was most comprehensive project as it included both web & mobile UI/UX design for over 200 screens. It includes Learning and Development Expences management in addition to HRMS.






Customer First, Understanding Consumer Behaviour, how we could make display of Firm's offering in Brochure Simple and Delighfull Experience

At SIAA Digital, we define innovative User Experience Design as facilitating the development of Brochure. As Corporate brochures are a vital tool in convincing prospects that you are the vendor,for the product, or service that they need. Brochures and marketing materials convey a brand and image through "text, messages, garphics, and photos" - the sum total of what your company offerings are.We accomplish this by designing products that are relevant to users’ lives and that are feasible to develop. We take the steps necessary to understand your priorities at the conceptual level.Our expertise in Understanding Consumer Behavior helps us prepare a design which consumer can relate to;leading to a successful launch of your product.

Design Thinking

We have Pioneered Design Thinking Process - a user-centered iterative approach that allows our Grahpic Designers to identify ideas and concepts to provide new ways of viewing of Information to your Target Customers.
We First seek to learn your Busienss Objective and Target Customers's needs and wants i.e.Pshychographics and Demographics.
Our Design Thinking approach helps us come up with innovative ideas, leading to ideation of multiple design concepts and continuous concept reviews and revisions until an inspiring and intuitive Brochure Design is achieved.


Our Immersion phase of the design process to acquire an in-depth understanding of the stakeholders’ task requirements and the pain points they experience along the way.
We also gain existing insights into your marketing requirements, perform competitive product analysis, and conduct empathy research to better understand users’ needs and pain areas you plan to address.
Our proprietary Market research methodologies which provides our design experts a actionable understanding of the connections between users’ current behavior patterns and future behavior trends, is used to create intuitive and striking Marketing Brochure or collaterals..

Brainstorming Sessions

A Brainstorming Session is must for a Good Outcome of Any activity We Do. We strongly Believe and follow that A Good Design an OUTCOME of a Good team Work.
Brainstorming Sessions are effective and creative process which generates numerous amounts of new and innovative Brochure design ideas that address the behaviors, desires, and problems of a of your product’s end-users. Our Our Marketing expert brainstorm with key member/ members of Your Team to discover important aspects and features that will help shape the concept phase of the project.

User Journeys

User journeys are an important tool in understanding the stakeholders’ intent and their tasks. We create detailed visualizations of the current user workflows, providing vital insight into the motivations, objectives, and pain points your stakeholders experience. By using information gained through tested research methodologies such as shadowing and user interviews, Areteworks’ User Experience (UX) designers create a task timeline mapping all of the touch points, perspectives, and suggestions based upon the users’ tasks and goals.

Task Analysis

Detailed Task Analysis provides Areteworks’ Information Architects (IA) significant and valuable insight into workflow sequences, sub-task interdependencies, and information flows, along with any other distinctive aspects needed for a given task to be performed. Our User Interface (UI) designers perform a thorough analysis of the tasks and sub-tasks users perform to accomplish specific goals. We do this by isolating the tasks into their fundamental elements and analyzing repeated behavior patterns among users.

User Interface Design

At Areteworks, we create inspiring and innovative User Interface (UI) designs that give your customers simple, enjoyable, and intuitive ways to interact with your product or service. To do this, we employ an iterative user-centered design process, focusing on the users’ feedback and needs throughout your product’s development lifecycle. Areteworks’ designers generate innovative design concepts and detailed workflows that form the foundation for an inventive and successful UI design solution.

Prototype & Development

Areteworks develops rapid prototypes to engage in end-user discourse and usability assessments. The use of prototypes gives the wireframes and user interface interactivity to help users better grasp how the product will perform. Through use case scenarios, our prototypes help in fine-tuning the UI design before the project’s completion. Areteworks’ prototypes are adaptable to a variety of platforms, with the speed and flexibility to allow design changes as a result of user feedback.

Usability Testing

Areteworks’ comprehensive experience in usability testing methods provides our UI and UX Design teams with critical and invaluable user feedback needed to solidify the user interface direction. Areteworks develops both low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes for use in Formative Usability Testing before development begins. Conducting usability tests creates an easier path to making any necessary design changes, ensuring a satisfying user experience without sacrificing functionality or your project’s goals.

Visual Design & Iconography

Our visual designers and Iconography specialists will provide your project with innovative, world-class icons and graphics. We can utilize your company’s existing brand or create a new aesthetic to generate a User Experience style template that will set your company and products apart in the marketplace. Our designers understand the important role of easily identifiable icons and appropriate color schemes in the intuitiveness and usability of user experience systems.


A wall for our project glory and a place to find more

Kind, incredibly knowledgeable and quite frankly, fantastic. I needed a site that showed off my photographic work to potential and existing clients and Alan knew exactly what I wanted. I had never seen the parallax effect before and I couldn’t be happier with the end result, the site looks modern, feminine and very professional. The added feature of the secure client area is great and offers me the chance to offer my clients extra security with their precious and personal photographs.

Rajesh Kumar


An imaginative and dependable web designer. They have provided us with valuable advice over the years, and helped us to get the results we needed. We are very pleased with our new website and happy to recommend them to anyone that needs an imaginative and dependable web designer.

Alex Smit


Great support(Website Desgins) for local businesses. We needed a website for our new business as we understood how important the web is in this day and age even for small local businesses. We had no idea where to begin with design or content, but Nialto Services coached us on what we needed to prepare to get the results we needed. We are so pleased we picked them and for the support they still provide us with.

vinod Kumar

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