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How a Wrong Brand Image Could Hurt Business

Branding is a Subject just bypassed in Indian Marketing Scenario.Brand identity represents firm's actual Wish How their Brand Shpuld be percieved. Brand indentity is expected to convey its vision, mission, core values and objectives, whereas brand image is the Actual Consumer view. i,e. how a Consumer percieves the Brand to be.

During various meetings in commercial segment or smb segemtn of market segment, majority of them showed ignorance if one of Leading Networking Appliances Brand CISCO had something for them. Allof them said... "NO.. We are SMB and CISCO is too expensive and nto for us. This is marketing communication failure.. Though the Company has SMB offering , the marcom strategy of media Vehicle used are nto able to give right messsge to it's target aaudience

Selection of Right Marcom Message is crucial to get Eyeballs of target customers.More important if company was using right media Vehicle to communicate its offerring to SMB Segment"

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